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Heather Hinsley

The author, Heather Hinsley, is an accomplished culinary artist, blending traditional family recipes with professional experience. Her background encompasses art, pastry, and chef instruction, she creatively crafts her culinary story. Her journey towards healing from trauma is one of recovery and is deeply rooted in ancestry, combining Sicilian heritage with her Indigenous First Nations Mi'kmaq influences, resulting in a memoir that is both culturally inspired and professionally refined.

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About the book:

        "Delicious Details" takes readers on an intimate heartfelt journey, portrayed as a symbolic canvas of existence where family, food, and recovery converge to paint the intricate picture of a life. This book is the portrait of one woman's remarkable journey, marked by resilience, moments of serenity, and shared connections with loved ones.


         Going beyond the realm of a mere recipe collection, this memoir ventures into the author's transformation. Woven throughout the narrative are personal recovery anecdotes spanning the author's life journey, from birth and beyond.     


       Revealing the profound influence of the natural environment, the visual arts, and culinary nutrition for enhancing recovery and facilitating healing. The book serves as a poignant reminder that each person possesses an invaluable story to share, contributing to the collective, where individual experiences blend to create a masterpiece of human lives. Life's journey isn't characterized as either bad or good art; it's a unique work of art in its own right.             


       The pages resonate with a message that's beautifully simple – we are all spiritual beings on an adventurous path through diverse human experiences.


CUSTOMER REVIEW:  I am captivated by the exquisite writing style and compelling content of this book—it's a unique read. The author's ability to weave words together is both rich and descriptive, inviting readers into a world that sparks curiosity and a desire to know more. As someone who has admired the author's artistic talents, reading about her creative journey adds a deeper dimension to the connection. The words flow together magically, showcasing not only artistic prowess but also a remarkable talent for storytelling. The author's resilience and wisdom shine through, especially as she reflects on challenging childhood experiences. It's evident that she possesses a profound understanding of herself, maintaining authenticity and integrity throughout her stories. It's a remarkable achievement. I also recognize the potential impact of this book on young adults, particularly those in recovery. The relatability factor is strong, creating a sense of connection and shared experiences. Beyond the captivating narratives, the integration of a passion for food is a delightful touch. The recipes and shopping lists not only add a delicious layer to the storytelling but also evoke a genuine sense of hunger in the reader. "Delicious Details" is a triumph, resonating with authenticity, resilience, and a profound love for both good health and good food. An absolute must-read as it's not a typical memoir!

 - Susan McGinness in Durango, Colorado

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"Delicious Details" has officially gone to press!  You are invited to read this book by purchasing directly from the publisher - stay tuned for details on a book launch party! 

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