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Desserts that are good for you!

Delicious Details - Edible Nutritious Art

     In the historical Smiley Building in downtown Durango, Colorado where many artists gather to offer their artwork, my work is available, possible through the state of Colorado Cottage Foods: Delicious Details, Edible Nutritious Art.  As a chef artist, my journey has accumulated into the realm of raw cuisine, where each creation is a personalized expression of flavor, nourishment, and creativity. Here at Delicious Details, I craft “no-bake cakes” and “healthier treats” that are visually pleasing; each piece of artwork is crafted with love and reflects my dedication to maximizing holistic nutrition.

     My intention is simple: to promote well-being and inspire healthy lifestyle choices through my culinary creations.   Everything I make is free from gluten, dairy, eggs, refined sugars and oils —ideal for those with sensitivities or those who prefer plant-based foods. OFFERINGS are CAKE by SLICES to CAKE POPS! Superfoods are highlighted and I take pride in using organic whole foods, which I enhance through low temp activation or fermentation processes to maintain their nutritional values.  This type of integrity in nutritional value is intended for myself and for you!
     At Smiley, my entrepreneurial venture, I offer these indulgent creations to you, the consumer. I like to think of what I do as a form of alchemy, transforming simple ingredients into pure wholesome delights that taste absolutely delicious. Drawing inspiration from nature, my culture, and my professional experiences, I strive to redefine culinary artistry. Join me on this flavorful journey as we explore the humbling yet profound connection between food and nourishment.  As you explore my simple menu, let’s celebrate the beauty of nutritious artwork and the joy of mindful eating. In Delicious Details, you'll find nuances in the nutrients that are the essence of my culinary beliefs. I playfully refer to some of my creations as "disease-preventative desserts," highlighting my preferences for  natural sweeteners over refined sugars and the power of functional medicine and the healing properties of good food to maintain or restore our natural vibrancy.

     The raw cuisine is crafted with skill, from ingredient selection to presentation, reflecting my vision of blending artistry with nutrition, tradition with innovation, and finding joy in edible aesthetics.  I invite you to soon enjoy the delicious details that can make life truly nourishing.  Thank you for joining me on this culinary journey! I've come a long way from using refined flours and sugars, and now I'm excited to share the goodness of Delicious Details - Edible Nutritious Art with you.     

     Let's celebrate the deliciousness that makes life truly nourishing together.

Second floor at The Smiley Building in downtown Durango:  1309 East 3rd Avenue Durango Colorado 81301 

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